New College Graduates: Understanding the Importance of Transferable Skills on your Resume Showcasing Your New Education on an Entry Level Resume
Apr 18

If you are posting your resume online it is absolutely essential to incorporate industry buzzwords, keywords that describe your skills, knowledge and education. A keyword need only be listed once on the resume in order to be considered a “hit” by a search engine.

For example, suppose you are a technical project manager who specializes in system implementation and integration. Not only should you include the particular technologies in which you are experienced, such as Microsoft Project; you also need to list skills that are required to do your job well (i.e. change management, risk assessment, and cost/benefit analysis).

Be careful with acronyms and abbreviations. It is better to spell out the word or phrase at least once on the resume, unless an acronym is so well known by nearly everyone in your industry that it would be highly unlikely to be confused with something else. An example would be “CPA,” for Certified Public Accountant.

Don’t include irrelevant information on your resume. Instead, reserve the space for terminology and keywords that are specifically relevant to the type of work you are seeking to ensure that your resume will be seen by employers.

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